British Shorthair are very friendly and affectionate cats that appreciate attention without becoming a nuisance. They crave and enjoy the attention, but do this in an undemanding way, which some people learn to appreciate a great deal.

  • British Shorthair males usually act as if they are the “boss” in the family, and prefer to be treated with respect. However, they also biggest goofballs, and although they typically are not very active cats, every once in a while they like to pretend they are still kittens and run around as such.
  • British Shorthair males are large and strong cats, so if you have downstairs neighbors, during those goofball times they may think you keep elephants as pets. Nevertheless, these cats make wonderful pets for apartments or houses as they are not destructive whatsoever. We manage to keep about between 20 and 40 pots of different plants (depending on the season), and this number does not decrease due to cat’s activity.
  • British Shorthair females truly are British ladies, and although they also like attention from their human family members, proper form and etiquette is a must among these cats. They are also very responsible and caring mothers. They give birth easily and even while caring for the kittens often find time to cuddle with us. They like the attention even during this time, and generally prefer the whole family to participate in raising the kittens.

Choosing between a male and a female, is not an easy task, as both make wonderful companions. Differences in personality are mostly attributable to the fact that everyone has something unique about them, rather than to males vs. female differences. Since the breed standard for both TICA and CFA was written for a male – males generally are more characteristic of the breed. They are about 1.5 times larger than females and have fuller jowls. Nevertheless, size is not everything in this breed, and it is a combination of many different features that make a show cat. There is a saying that breeders love to say to one another, “There is no perfect cat”. The truth is that as breeders we are constantly in motion to work on improving the breed in a futile attempt to raise a perfect kitten. Breeding is a work in progress, and we are thrilled to be able to call ourselves a cat breeder.